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Queretaro Aerospace Park: Where earth and sky connect

The Queretaro Aerospace Park is home of the first Aerospace cluster in Mexico. Located at the Queretaro International Airport, it offers numerous advantages for the aerospace suppliers looking for the most cost effective alternative, a uniquely qualified labor and world class infrastructure.


The purpose is to host Bombardier’s and its suppliers operations, as well as other companies from the same sector. Today, seven buildings have been developed: three for Bombardier, one for MABS (Megitt Air Braking Systems), one for AE Petsche and two for Safran Group (Messier Dowty and Snecma). The “Learjet 85¨ from Bombardier will be assembled in the third and newest one, which was designed and built to be the first Bombardier LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building in the silver category, and makes it the first industrial facility of its kind in Mexico.

The State of Queretaro provides to the aerospace cluster a key strategic priority. Here are some of the most important advantages of the park:

LAND – Granted by the State on a secure land lease with no charge to the tenants of the complex.

INFRASTRUCTURE – Designed to include all necessary specifications for heavy industrial needs: power, lighting, water, sewer, natural gas, communication lines, fiber optics, wide roads and access to the taxi way of the airport.

LEASE RATES – As the Park is financed through solid institutional funds from a premier real estate developer, it allows for a commitment to unmatched lease rates.

NATIONAL AEROSPACE UNIVERSITY OF QUERETARO – Bombardier as well as present and future suppliers have direct access to an Aerospace Training Center sponsored by the Government and located within the airport complex. This school will graduate fully qualified technicians trained to support a wide variety of operations and will allow to drastically reduce the learning curve process.

JUST IN TIME – Suppliers will have direct access to the OEM´S in the complex.

CROSS SELLING – The proximity to other suppliers and OEM´s within the complex will allow for the creation of significant synergies through cross selling opportunities.